Commercial Sponsors

We are proud to announce the launch of IFSHT’s commercial sponsorship program.

Commercial organisations are defined as those who market equipment, supplies, services and virtual products to hand therapists internationally.  There is an alternative scheme for educational organisations.

Sponsorship will support:

  1. IFSHT Website: This is the main way IFSHT communicates with its member societies and is the resource hub for 10,000+ hand therapists within the member societies
  2. IFSHT Grant Support: Grants are made to enable therapists to attend the Triennial Congress, especially applicants from lower GDP countries and to subsidise corresponding and associate membership fees in circumstances of hardship
  3. IFSHT Newsletter, REACH:  the official quarterly publication of IFSHT

We would be delighted to add your company to the list of commercial sponsors.  If your company wishes to become a commercial sponsor please send an email to

For additional information please view the document below by clicking on the link:
IFSHT Commercial Sponsorship Opportunities

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