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South Africa

South African Society of Hand Therapists

Number of Members: 109
Established: 1988
Address: PO Box 47156 4023 Greyville South Africa

About South African Society of Hand Therapists

SASHT Vision
The vision of SASHT is to encourage the development of skilled hand and upper limb therapists (hereafter known as hand therapists) in South Africa.
SASHT Mission
The mission of SASHT is to represent hand therapy in South Africa and to support the development of knowledge and skills within this field to its members, in order to facilitate the delivery of the highest quality of care in the field of practice, to our clients.

Primary Contact / Delegate

Name: Kirsty Van Stormbroek

Find a Hand Therapist Contact

If specified below, person willing to receive requests from therapists around the world wishing to locate a hand therapist in this country to treat a patient of theirs.

Name: Louise Robinson