Are you interested in volunteering your skills as a hand therapist? IFSHT tries to partner therapists who wish to teach hand therapy to countries who are seeking this training. Are you practising as a therapist in a country where you are trying to develop hand therapy? Would you like some training to help you develop hand therapy as a speciality? IFSHT has International Teaching Grants available.
IFSHT commends those who volunteer in this capacity and is proud to provide funding to support therapists involved in a hand therapy project in an underdeveloped country. Please go to International Teaching Grants for additional information on how to apply for such funds.

Additionally, you will find, below, a listing of organisations that require hand therapists. These organisations are independent and are not affiliated with IFSHT. This listing has been created as a resource for those wishing to volunteer. Organisations with a specific need for hand therapists may place a request to be listed here by contacting the Secretary General of IFSHT at secretarygeneral@ifsht.org

  • Guatemala Healing Hands
    Guatemala Healing Hands is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care in Guatemala for patients with hand injuries and congenital hand conditions. Hand therapy volunteers are needed for their efforts. To learn more go to: www.guatemalahands.org

  • Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
    HVO is based in the United States and coordinates volunteer opportunities for hand therapists in several different countries. For a list of current needs please go to www.hvousa.org

  • International Medical Volunteers Association (IMVA)
    IMVA offers an online network for medical professional that provides information about medical volunteer opportunities and volunteers looking for opportunities. To list your skills or find a project please go to www.imva.org

  • Interplast
    Interplast is based in Australia and New Zealand and supports Surgical Outreach Centers in nine countries. Currently they are supporting the development of Hand Therapy in Bangladesh and are in need of hand therapy volunteers. To find out more about this organization please go to: www.interplast.org.au

  • Resurge Africa
    Resurge Africa is a registered charity organization located in Scotland that supports reconstructive surgical projects in Africa. To find out more about volunteer opportunities go to: www.resurgeafrica.org

  • Sierra Leone
    The British Association of Hand Therapists currently lists two hand therapy volunteer projects in Sierra Leone, Africa. To learn more go to www.hand-therapy.co.uk

  • Hands Across Borders
    The mission of Hands Across Borders is to improve expertise by exchange of experiences and stimulation of cooperation between the various health disciplines in the field of Hand Therapy. Hand therapists and medical professionals from around the world may participate in Hands Across Borders projects. For more information go to: www.handsacrossborders.nl

    The GICAM (Group Italian Surgeons Friends of the Hand) is an international NGO based in Switzerland and we bring together plastic and orthopaedic surgeons, therapists and nurses in the area of reconstructive hand surgery. Currently we operate in Ghana, Kenya, Burkina Faso but we are looking at starting projects in Lebanon and India. For more information please contact Marco Lanzetta via the GICAM website following the link www.gicam.it