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Full Member

Full Membership of IFSHT is not limited to independent hand therapy organisations, but is also available to hand therapists’ groups who are organised under the umbrella of a National Physical Therapy, National Occupational Therapy, or National Hand Surgeons’ organisation.

Hand Therapy groups organised as a sub-group of a national society are eligible to apply for full membership of IFSHT on the condition that there is no established independent hand therapist member society in their country.

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Associate Member

Associate Membership of IFSHT is intended for groups of therapists who are interested in developing a hand therapy society but are not yet organised as an independent hand therapy organisation nor belong to a sub-group of a National Physical Therapy, National Occupational Therapy, or National Hand Surgeons’ organisation.

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Corresponding Member

Corresponding Membership is open to individual therapists (physical therapists and occupational therapists) working in a country without a group with an Associate Membership or a Full Member Society and are unable to form an organised group of regional or national therapists involved in hand therapy.

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Liaison Organisations

As well as country organisations for hand therapy, there are regional groups around the world including Asia Pacific and Europe. These, and hand surgery organisations, are associated with IFSHT. Follow the links to read about each society and forthcoming events. Please note, IFSSH has a super electronic magazine, E-zine which can be downloaded as a PDF. Follow the link on their page.

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IFSHT Mentoring Scheme

In 2020, IFSHT launched a mentoring scheme to support developing Associate and Corresponding Member countries by linking them to one or two Full Member countries.  The hope is that the mentoring country will explore the short and medium term goals that the mentee countries have outlined and provide practical advice and assistance to help them grow.

If your country is not listed but would like to participate, please email

List by Mentor CountryList by Mentee CountryGuidelines for Mentors and Mentees


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