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FAQs that may help

How to find a Hand Therapist
If you are searching for a hand therapist, please head to the country listing under the membership page and contact the delegate of that country
How to write for EZINE
To contribute to the EZINE, we have some guidelines to help you. Please see our page on EZINE or contact the Information Officer on
How to change your delegate
Each country will change the person who is their delegate to IFSHT once in a while. Please contact the IFSHT Information Officer on who will help you with the process
How to cast a vote
Delegates have access to a part of the website which enables them to vote. If you are a delegate and struggling with a vote, please contact the IFSHT information Officer on
Can I join IFSHT
If you are a member of a member country, you are already a member of IFSHT. If your country is interested in joining us, we would be delighted to speak to you. Please contact the Secretary General on

General Donations to IFSHT

IFSHT has a General fund for donations where the donation will be used for all current and future projects. If would like to donate to this fund, please click this link.  Thank you for your support

General Donation

Donations for IFSHT Grants and Funds

IFSHT also has several grants and funds where we accept donations. If you would like your donation to be given to a specific project or fund please click this link and you will be able to read about the available donation options.
Thank you for your support.

All Grants and Donations