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Portuguese Society of Hand Therapy

Number of Members: 10
Established: 2000
Address: Sede APTM Estrada Nacional 125 Bloco 7 - 1º Dto 8001-908 Olhão , Portugal

About Portuguese Society of Hand Therapy

Associação Portuguesa de Terapia da Mão
APTM was created in the past year of 2000, founded by 5 occupational therapists who wanted to create a solid group in this specific area of knowledge, for the first time in Portugal.
Since this year, APTM was involved in many formations and educational opportunities for OTs and PTs who desired to know more about Hand Therapy and to became an Hand Therapist.

Primary Contact / Delegate

Name: Antonio José Arsénio Duarte

Find a Hand Therapist Contact

If specified below, person willing to receive requests from therapists around the world wishing to locate a hand therapist in this country to treat a patient of theirs.

Name: Antonio José Arsénio Duarte