Committees 2021-2023

IFSHT has a number of standing and ad hoc committees. If you would like to get involved with IFSHT, please volunteer to sit on one of the committees. Click here for a form to complete to let us know which committees you would be interested in. You will need to provide some basic information about you. The following committees are seeking members: Financial Review, Membership, Sponsorship, Education, Awards, Translation and Social Media.

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August 2021 - Second call for nominations

IFSHT is pleased to put out this second call for nominations for executive committee members and chairs of standing committees for the next triennial term (2022-2025).  For a full list of committees, see below.  IFSHT is accepting nominations for the following:

Executive Committee – President-Elect

Executive Committee – Secretary General

Executive Committee – Information Officer

Executive Committee – Treasurer

Standing Committee Chair – Publications Committee

Standing Committee Chair – Education Committee

Standing Committee Chair – Bylaws Committee

Standing Committee Chair – Financial Review Committee

Standing Committee – Nomination Committee (three members)

Please see the job descriptions (link above) before applying.  Anne Wajon, Past President, welcomes contact from any hand therapist who wishes to explore these opportunities on

Our Committees


Chair: Nicola Goldsmith (United Kingdom) IFSHT Immediate Past President

Chair: Marie Eason Klatt (Canada) IFSHT Secretary-General

Co-Chairs: Kimberly Kraft (USA), Shovan Saha (India)

Chair:  TBD

Financial Review:
Chair: Katia Fournier (United Kingdom)


Program / Scientific Review Committee (USA 2025):
Co-Chairs: Aviva Wolff (USA/Yafi Levanon (Israel)

Chair: Susan deKlerk (South Africa) IFSHT Information Officer

Chair: Denise Conterjnic and Sandra Frigeri (Argentina)

Silent Auction (London 2022):
Chair: TBD

Website Liaison:
Chair: Susan deKlerk (South Africa) IFSHT Information Officer

Chair: Nicola Goldsmith (United Kingdom) IFSHT Immediate Past-President

Chair: Stacey Doyon (USA) IFSHT Treasurer

Social Media:
Chair: Susan deKlerk (South Africa) IFSHT Information Officer