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Czech Republic

Czech Society for Hand Therapy

Number of Members: 70
Established: 2012
Address: Chairman Kroftova 6 15000 Prague 5 Czech Republic

About Czech Society for Hand Therapy

Česká společnost terapie ruky
Czech Society for Hand Therapy was settled on 2nd of June 2012 to associate all specialist in Czech Republic, who are interested in Hand Therapy. Our goals are spreading awareness about Hand Therapy across all: surgeons, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and other expertise and finding the ways of cooperation. We had a second election to the committee of the Society in the summer 2016. Nearly all the executive stayed in their positions. As entrusted by all of our members, we have made a plan of activities for the following years.

The 3rd Czech Hand Therapy Society Congress will take place in 9.-11. November 2017. We would like to invite some international presenters and really hope to provide very high quality of this congress. These congresses takes place once every two years and every time we try to have something new.

At the 2nd Czech Hand Therapy Society Congress 2015 in Harrachov we organised a Splinting course with a great support of IFSHT, with Nicola Goldsmith and Sarah Mee as an unforgettable lecturers. On an ongoing basis we also organise some small (half day) informational courses for OTs and PTs – what the hand therapy really is about with main focus of specifics of hand therapy and overview of some selected diagnoses. We also support further splinting courses. These courses take place normally twice or three times per year.

We are going to start with a special series of courses of Hand Therapy. We are planning four courses from the basics to special diagnoses. Each course will last one or one and half days. Our Society started also to publish a Bulletin with some articles and recent studies for our members in Czech language. We really hope that we will be able to publish it ideally four times per year.

As a big challenge we also want to start a cooperation with other institutes who can help us to spread the knowledge of Hand Therapy all over the Republic. And finally a question of education of Hand therapy in Czech Republic is quite a hot theme and hopefully we will be able to offer the Hand Therapy lectures for Czech Universities.

Primary Contact / Delegate

Name: CSRR

Find a Hand Therapist Contact

If specified below, person willing to receive requests from therapists around the world wishing to locate a hand therapist in this country to treat a patient of theirs.

Name: Milada Kukackova