IFSHT Evelyn Mackin Congress Grant

About the Award

This triennial congress grant was established in 2010 to honour Evelyn Mackin, the first president of IFSHT and a leader in the development of hand therapy worldwide.


This grant supports an emergent hand therapist from a country without a formal hand therapy association / not a Full member of IFSHT. The recipient is someone who is a potential leader of hand therapy in their country, who may otherwise not have the resources to attend. Applicants for this grant must not be receiving funds from another source.
The recipient of this grant is fully funded to attend the IFSHT Triennial Congress; providing an opportunity to further expand their knowledge and networking in hand therapy.


The recipient receives all expenses paid to attend the next IFSHT Triennial Congress.
The recipient is identified at the IFSHT Triennial Congress, in IFSHT publications, and on the IFSHT website as the Evelyn Mackin Triennial Grant recipient.


This grant is funded through donations to the IFSHT Evelyn Mackin Triennial Congress Grant. All donors to this grant will be acknowledged at the triennial congress and our congress website unless they request an anonymous donation. We are grateful to IFSSH for their continuing support of this fund


Please see base of the page for a tribute to Evelyn Mackin

How To Apply


The grant is given to a Physical or Occupational Therapist working in a country that is not a Full or Associate Member in IFSHT. The therapist must have demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • A strong interest in Hand Therapy.
  • Efforts to specialize in Hand Therapy.
  • Leadership in developing Hand Therapy as a specialty practice area in his/her country.
  • Preference is given to those whose economic status makes self-funding challenging/impossible.
  • Candidates must have basic written and spoken English comprehension to assist in the application process and to understand and communicate with others at the IFSHT Triennial Congress.
  • The selected grant recipients agree to attend the IFSHT Congress in its entirety.
  • The recipient is only eligible for receipt of this grant once.


  • Hand Surgeons who are members of IFSSH but are without an organized Hand Therapy society in their country may nominate candidates
  • Grant candidates can be from countries who are Corresponding Members of IFSHT (with preference given to countries with financial challenges)
  • Hand therapists who have visited and/or worked with hand therapists in a qualifying country may nominate a candidate.


  • The nominating person completes the application with the candidate and forwards this to the IFSHT Secretary-General no later than 9 months prior to the IFSHT Congress.
  • All grant candidates and their nominating person will be notified by IFSHT no later than 7 months prior to the congress.
  • The grant recipients are responsible to obtain a VISA at least 6 months prior to travel


24 June 2024


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How to Donate

Thank you to all our sponsors of the Evelyn Mackin congress grant. Sponsors included Hand Rehabilitation Foundation (USA), HandLab (USA), Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) and MANY Individual Hand Therapists from all corners of the world. At the age of 90 Evelyn Mackin, the first President of IFSHT, attended the congress and was honoured by IFSHT and IFSSH at the Reflections of Legends Session.

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IFSHT announces the passing of its founder and first president (1986-92): Evelyn Mackin, PT, February 2020 in Pennsylvania, USA. Ms. Mackin created many other worldwide educational opportunities for hand therapists that continue today. She was a founding member of the ASHT, first organizer of the Philadelphia Hand Meeting, founder and first editor of the Journal of Hand Therapy (1987-98) and one of the first editors of the well-known text “Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity.”

Her motto was: “Pass it on,” and she lived this through her endless contributions in sharing hand therapy knowledge and skills worldwide.

Ms. Mackin was awarded the IFSHT Lifetime Achievement Award at the most recent IFSHT Congress in Berlin in 2019. IFSHT continues to recognize her many contributions through the Evelyn Mackin Triennial Award, established in 2010, supporting therapists from developing countries to attend IFSHT Triennial Congresses.

Please see full tribute below.


Previous Recipients

2022-Four award winners:

Akisi Dovibua, Fiji

Fatemah Alashatti, Kuwait

Georgi Petrov, Bulgaria

Tshering, Dorji, Bhutan

These winners are shown in the photograph in this order (left to right) with Nicola Goldsmith, President on far left and Peggy Boineau, President-elect on far right.


2019-Four award winners:

Marta Jokiel, Poland

Liis Lamson, Estonia

Tsitsi Murove, Zimbabwe

Gangtey Yoedzer, Bhutan

These winners are shown in the photograph in this order (left to right) with Anne Wajon, Immediate Past President IFSHT.

2016-Five award winners:

Marcela Antunez

Gabriela Granados Garcia

Patricia Llaguno

Jose Ma. Rafael Ramos

Tarannum Siddiqui

2013-Five award winners:

Apsara Ghirmire

Kalyani Hemalatha

Sokny Leang

Sumanta Ray

Yuting Zhang