IFSHT Publications

IFSHT publishes various newsletters and reports to bring information and news about our activities and members to hand therapists around the world.


IFSHT is developing a new newsletter called REACH and this will be published four times each year. It will be a combination of news, clinical information, updates on member countries and research around the world.


IFSHT produces reports about hand therapy around the world. The latest report covers mentoring around the globe with our member countries.


IFSHT makes a scientific contribution to EZINE, the newsletter of IFSSH. We are listing the most recent IFSHT contributions here but would encourage you to read this quarterly publication, full of extremely interesting articles from around the world.


Research, Education, Achievements, Clinicians in Hands and Upper Extremity


IFSHT will be publishing a new quarterly newsletter which encompasses Research, Education, Achievements, Clinicians in Hands and Upper Extremity.  The first edition will be in the the first quarter of 2021.  All REACH publications will be listed here.