The International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (IFSHT) was founded in 1989 and represents over 8500 therapists around the world. Both physical and occupational therapists may specialise in treatment of the hand and upper extremity. IFSHT connects therapists that have specialised in treatment of the upper extremity to one another. Currently 43 countries and their national Hand Therapy organisations and membership are represented within IFSHT.

The mission statement of the IFSHT is to provide global networking and educational opportunities to develop and enhance the practice of hand therapy. Furthermore, the IFSHT endeavours to promote the principles and practice of Hand Therapy internationally, thereby increasing the number of patients with hand injuries who receive rehabilitation. At the 2016 International Congress in Buenos Aires, a presentation was given "Reflections of Past Presidents". This gives a great flavour of the heart of IFSHT. To watch this presentation, please click here https://youtu.be/XkJ1NwxCqL0

The website aims to facilitate the communication between hand therapy societies and individual hand therapists all over the world, by:

  • Informing the members of forthcoming national and international courses, congresses and meetings.
  • Regularly updating the IFSHT Host Centers directory. Please, fill in the registration form and apply today!
  • Introducing the members delegates to you with a link to the national Hand Therapy Societies website.

You can also learn something about the Executive Committee members of IFSHT and see what they look like.