Post Graduate Hand Therapy Programme

Country: Germany
City: Sendenhorst
Country: German Society for Hand Therapy
Certificate or Credits Earned: Postgraduate Certificate:"Handtherapeut DAHTH"
Length of Programme: Modular System (12 modules)
Admission Requirements: OT or PT with 4 years of prof.experience,German Speaking

“Handtherapeut DAHTH”Course Prerequisites
Qualified OT or PT with 4 years of professional experience and 2 of those in hand therapy
German Speaking Modular System
Decentralised course held at various clinical centres and institutes of further education
12 modules including EBM,ICF,QM,Assessment,Splinting,Treatment modalities,Observation of surgical interventions,Psychology
The 12 modules can be completed within a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years
Ends with oral exam
Duration and Cost: total of 450hours(15ECTS)-Approx.4000-5000€
Society-German Society for Hand Therapy, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Handtherapie DAHTH e.V.

Address: Westtor 7 48324 Sendenhorst Germany DE


Name: Ingela Henningsen