IFSHT/IFSSH Triennial Congress Travel Grant

IFSHT raises designated funds to enable us to provide partial financial support for therapists to attend the IFSHT Triennial Congress. Therapists from countries with limited resources and those who are presenting at the congress are given priority. If you wish to support this award, please contact the IFSHT Treasurer (treasurer[at]ifsht[dot]org) for further details on how you can donate by bank check or wire transfer. A PayPal donation option specifically for this award is available. Please click on the "Donate" button at the top of this page. Thanks for your support. If you would like to see examples of how this valuable money is used, click on this link Triennial Congress Travel Grant

All donations to this award will be fully acknowledged at the triennial meeting and also acknowledged on the website (unless specifically requested as an anonymous donation). Thanks to IFSSH for supporting this fund.