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Physiotherapy Practice for the Upper Limb of Antonia Lourida

Our private practice will be happy to have international visitors.

Please let us know at least 3 weeks prior to your arrival.


Our location:

Panagias Grigorousis 19,

Zefyri 134 61

Attica – Greece


Contact information

+30 21 0231 0875

Spoken Languages: Greek, English, Sweedish
Specialisations: Hand Therapy, Pelvic Floor, Accupuncture, Splinting, Exercise perscription
Telephone: +30 21 0231 0875
Address: Panagias Grigorousis 19, Zefyri 134 61  Attica - Greece
Find Directions: grigorousis 19,


Name: Antonia Lourida