IFSHT Evelyn Mackin Triennial Congress Grant Application


This grant supports an emergent hand therapist from a country without a formal hand therapy association. The recipient of this grant is fully funded to attend the IFSHT Triennial Congress; providing an opportunity to further expand his or her knowledge and networking in hand therapy.



  • Recipient receives all expenses paid to attend the next IFSHT Triennial Congress.  It includes airfare, registration, accommodation, stipend, Visa fees, entry and exit fees the country may require.
  • Recipient is identified at the IFSHT Triennial Congress, in IFSHT publications, and on the IFSHT website as the Evelyn Mackin Triennial Grant recipient.



This grant is funded through donations to the IFSHT Evelyn Mackin Triennial Congress Grant along with assistance from IFSSH. All donors to this grant will be acknowledged at the triennial congress and our congress website, unless they request an anonymous donation.



The grant is given to a Physical or Occupational Therapist working in a country that is not a Full or Associate Member in IFSHT. The therapist must have demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • A strong interest in Hand Therapy.
  • Efforts to specialize in Hand Therapy.
  • Leadership in developing Hand Therapy as a specialty practice area in his/her country.
  • Preference is given to those whose economic status makes self-funding challenging/impossible.
  • Candidates must have basic written and spoken English comprehension to assist in the application process and to understand and communicate with others at the IFSHT Triennial Congress.
  • The selected grant recipients agree to attend the IFSHT Congress in its entirety
  • The recipient is only eligible for receipt of this grant once.



  • Hand Surgeons who are members of IFSSH but are without an organized Hand Therapy society in their country may nominate candidates
  • Award candidates can be from countries who are Corresponding Members of IFSHT (with preference given to countries with financial challenges)
  • Hand therapists who have visited and/or worked with hand therapists in a qualifying country may nominate a candidate.



  • The nominating person completes the application with the candidate and forwards this to the IFSHT Secretary General no later than 8 Months prior to the IFSHT Congress.
  • All award candidates and their nominating person will be notified by IFSHT no later than 6 months prior to the congress.
  • The grant recipients are responsible to obtain a VISA at least 6 months prior to travel

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