b'REACH: April 2021EducationHand2020 has seen the emergence and development of many online platforms Therapyto further access educational opportunities and learning in this Covid and post Covid environment.Many organisations have embraced these platforms and have provided such a high calibre of information and Educationlearning in such a short space of time.What an awesome opportunity to learn about some of the world-wide opportunities that exist for therapists worldwide, as well as the learning and growth of organisations and in Covidindividuals as they stepped into this growing arena.times IN EACH ISSUE OF REACH WE WILL HIGHLIGHT DIFFERENT ORGANISATIONS AND PRACTICES THAT HAVE EMBRACED THIS NEW WORLD AND SHARE WITH YOU PARTS OF THEIR JOURNEYS.What was the rationale behind thealready to make our next Summit a Online Summit? better user experience. We realise we This idea was already in the pipeline,need to communicate very clearly and but the timing was brought forwardprovide information in more than one as so many conferences were beingplace - website, e-mail, Facebook.HandSpark was formed by two handcancelled due to COVID. The motivationWe very much think the event was therapists in Darwin, Australia towas to give back to the larger handworthwhile - for everyone. For us, for help ignite therapists burgeoningtherapy community in a meaningfulparticipants and for presenters. They passion for Hand Therapy. While bothand easily accessible way. were amazingly generous and patient.keeping up a busy clinical load in theirThe online summit did take someThe 2021 Hand Therapy Summit will be own practice, both Ngaire Turnbullorganising but we had been planningrun online again. and Beth Taylor share a commonfor a number of months beforehand.Beth and Ngaire are very generous desire to guide therapists new to theCommunication was all personal andwith their communication and time.field of hand therapy and help thosewe were so encouraged by the veryShould you ever want to contact them, further along in their journeys to divepositive responses from the speakers. explore any learning opportunities deep into the intricacies of handWhat did you learn in the process? or peruse their website, they can be therapy.Together, they bring theirreached via their website atskills, experience and authenticityBeing organised and havingwww.handspark.comtogether to form a dynamic teamcontingencies in place are a necessary aiming to provide training thats real,part of doing something like an online practical and accessible.They havesummit. Weve both learned so much both also been the beneficiaries of theabout the technical aspects, as well wisdom of wonderful, inspiring handas improved our interviewing style. therapists in their own careers. We were pleased to keep the more HandSpark initially had face to faceinformal approach that is authentically courses but, now into their 6th year theus in the sessions and loved having the handSPARK programs are expandingfollow up Facebook live sessions each significantly.They have primarilyday. The interaction and feedback been online, which has now becomeduring and after the Summit has been a necessity since COVID. In Augustquite humbling and very rewarding 2020 HandSpark ran an Online Summit.for us. Of course, we also learned so Completely online, virtual and at nomuch from each of the speakers. They cost to the attendee.They had highall made us think differently about their calibre speakers and gave accesstopics, encouraging us to look critically to all for short period but allowedat what we are doing or giving us a flexibility in when you could watchnew perspective. each of the presentations. What has the feedback post Hand Beth and Ngaire took the time toSummit been like?answer some questions in regards toThe feedback post the Summit has HandSpark, Covid, Hand Summit andbeen very encouraging. Nothing their learning in 2020. negative, but we have some ideas 7'