b'Achievements REACH: April 2021Lifetime Achievement Judy ColditzJUDY COLDITZ is an occupationalAwards: Part One(continued)therapist and certified hand therapist from North Carolina inJudy has been the recipient of manyclinical consultancy work across the the USA. She is a Past Presidentsignificant awards. These includeworld. of both the American Societythe Dorothy B. Kaufmann Lectureship of Hand Therapists and theAward from the Hand RehabilitationJudy has published prolifically International Federation ofFoundation (2006), Senior Professor atthroughout her career including Societies for Hand Therapy.Rehabilitation of the Hand meeting inprofessional papers, peer-reviewed Philadelphia (2001), the ASHT Nataliepublications (including articles in the Barr Lectureship Award (1999) andJournal of Hand Therapy and chapters she is also a Fellow of the Americanin Rehabilitation of the Hand), over 90 Occupational Therapy Associationinvited professional presentations, (1996). She is an honorary member ofholding several patents pertinent to the Hand Societies in Argentina, Newhand therapy and she has delivered Zealand, France and Venezuela. over 100 workshops and symposia. In 1996, she established the companyJudy is semi-retired but continues to HandLab which offered online videosupport the advancement of hand courses and DVD/CD independenttherapy knowledge and skills.Her learning modules. Judy was also co- online video courses are now available author of the CD-ROM: The Interactivefree of charge to hand therapists HandTherapists Edition. She wasworldwide at BraceLab.com. You may a frequent contributor at the ASHTstill see her at a selected number of Annual Meetings and also providednational and international meetings.Mentoring Project 2020In 2019, the executive committee ofprogress the development of handsome general guidance was provided IFSHT started a project to understandtherapy in their country and to see ifon what needs to be considered the member societies better in orderthere was any way IFSHT could supportby both parties regarding their to develop a mentoring project. them.Responses from 21 countriesrelationship, their commitment and the The mission of IFSHT is to providewere received. fundamental tasks for the project to be global networking and educationalUpon review of the responses andeffective. opportunities to develop and enhanceneeds, a pairing of Full Member toIFSHT wishes to thank all the the practice of hand therapy.At theAssociate/Corresponding Memberparticipating countries in advance.core is the desire to encourage eachcountries was done. Guidelines for theThis is an amazing opportunity for country to grow the recognition andmentoring project were sent out with adevelopment of hand therapy around organization of hand therapy as arequest that progress be shared backthe world and how each country group of occupational therapists andwith IFSHT over the 2021-2022 period.representative can make such a huge physiotherapists with an enhanced setdifference.of skills and knowledge. Each mentee country was assigned Initially, IFSHT sent a survey to alltwo mentor countries.The matchingIt is hoped that many of these alliances Full Member Countries to ask aboutwas done by looking at the strengthswill be ready to share their stories at the their Society and gather knowledgeof the Full Member countries offering2022 IFSSH-IFSHT Triennial in London. of each ones strengths.IFSHTmentoring and the CorrespondingFor more information, please feel received responses from 32 Fulland Associate Member countries withwelcome to contact the IFSHT executive Member countries. Next, a similaraspirations to grow and develop. at any time via secretarygeneral@survey was sent to all Associate andThe guidelines were kept open toifsht.orgCorresponding Member Countriesallow for maximum flexibility and to understand how they wanted topersonalisation of the project but 10'