b'REACH: April 2021ResearchEzine IFSSH publishes a superb quarterly newsletter, Ezine, and IFSHT provides one article to be included each time.In this section we will describe one of the articles and provide Multiple Choice Questions for your professional portfolio. iSarah ProgrammeA free online training resource to deliver an evidence-based hand exercise programme for people with rheumatoid arthritis.February 2021Multiple Choice Questions:https://www.ifssh.info/pdf/issue-41-february-2021.pdf 1. What does the S in SARAH stand6. How many countries have Led by Professor Sarah E Lamb andfor? registered users of the iSARAH?Dr Esther Williamson at the Centre fora.Strengthening a.90Rehabilitation Research, University ofb.Stabilisation b.64Oxford, the iSarah programme is anc.Stretching c.38online training resource to provide usersd.A and C. d.59with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver a stretching and strengthening2. When was iSarah launched? 7. How long does the iSarah training programme to those with rheumatoida.January 2020 take to complete?arthritis.SARAH stands for Strengtheningb.May 2018 a.2-3 hoursand Stretching for Rheumatoid Arthritisc.March 2019 b. 1 dayof the Hand and was part of a larged.April 2017 c.5 hoursmulti-centre randomised clinicald. 1 hourtrial that was published in 2015.The3. How many exercises and SARAH programme focussed on thebehavioural strategies does SARAH8. The findings from the 2015 SARAH implementation of 11 exercises andinclude? programme led to an update of behavioural strategies to assist in thea.7 the National Institute for Clinical management of Rheumatoid Arthritis. b. 9 Excellence, UK guidelines for the This programme was found to improvec. 11 management of Rheumatoid hand function, was cost effective andd.15 Arthritis.safe to deliver. TrueThe development of an online training4. The SARAH programme materialsFalseprogramme (iSarah) aimed to promotehave been translated into the cost effectiveness in time, travel andfollowing languages: 9. The iSarah training programme geographical barriers.It has allowed thea.Japanese includes ____ brief modules.programme to train therapists to deliverb.Tamil a.4the SARAH programme in everydayc.Turkish b.5practice and has recently widened itsd.All of the above. c.6reach to train therapists globally.Thisd.7has allowed evidence-based education5. Following feedback to be freely accessed to promote handapproximately how many of10. Is the iSarah programme function for people with rheumatoidtherapists in the National Healthnow freely available to all health arthritis for those involved in theService were prescribing the SARAHcare professionals and students management and rehabilitation ofprogramme to their patients? throughout the world?Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Hand. a. 2/3Yesb.NoThis training can be accessed via: c.Allhttps://isarah.octru.ox.ac.uk. d. Answers on page 115'