Master di I livello in Riabilitazione della Mano

Country: Italy
City: MIlan
Country: Multimedica SpA, San Giuseppe Hospital in collaboration with State University of MIlan.
Certificate or Credits Earned: Certificate of attendance; 60 Italian CFU (University Formative Credits)
Length of Programme: 1 year in total, 8 weeks for a total amount of 550 hours of frontal lessons and 250 hours of internship
Admission Requirements: Graduation (Bsc) in Phisiccal Therapy ,Occupational Therapy and Medicine. A further admission test will be carried out to access the master.

The course provides a wide and deep knowledge in all the different fields of the hand therapy, with a complete covering of treatment of traumatic, degenerative, inflammatory and malformative pathologies
of the hand.


Name: Elena Marta Mancon