Post Graduate Hand Therapy Programme/ Germany

Post Graduate Certificate in Hand Therapy: "Handtherapeut DAHTH" Course Prerequisites - Qualified OT or PT with 4 years professional experience and 2 of these in hand therapy - German Speaking Modular System - Decentralised modular course held at various clinical centres and institutes of further education - 12 modules including EBM, ICF, QM, Assessment, Splinting, Treatment modalities, Observation of surgical interventions, Psychology - The 12 modules can be completed within a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years - Ends with an oral exam Duration and Cost - Total of 450 hours (15 ECTS) - Approx. 4.000-5.000 Euro Society - German Society for Hand Therapy, Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Handtherapie DAHTH e.V.


German Society for Hand Therapy

Certificate or Credits Earned: 

Postgraduate Certificate: "Handtherapeut DAHTH"

Length of Programme: 

Modular System (12 modules)

Admission Requirements: 

OT or PT with 4 years of prof. experience,German Speaking

Contact Name: 

Angela Harth