Dipôme Inter Universitaire de rééducation et d'appareillage en chirugie de la main

This two years program consists of : - two weeks courses on hand Surgery - two weeks courses on hand therapy - 8 two days internships in 6 accredited university hand centers in France, 2 in any internationally reknown hand center anywhere. - redaction of a thesis on Hand therapy - Presentation of this thesis - Passing of a multiple choice answer exam. - Passing of a practical realisation of a random basic splint candidates should register to Grenoble medical university. Informations at : Secretariat de chirugie de la main, Pr. MOUTET, Hôpital Michallon 38700 La Tronche. http://www.reeducation-main.com/page/infos-diu


université Médicale de Grenoble

Certificate or Credits Earned: 

DIU Diplôme interuniversitaire

Length of Programme: 

two years

Admission Requirements: 

degree in MD, PT, OT with two years clinical experience

Contact Name: 



chemin de la chantourne
38700 La Tronche