SGHR-SSRM Kongress

Start Date: 26/11/2021
End Date: 26/11/2021
Address: Kongresshaus Zürich Gotthardstrasse 5 8002 Zürich Switzerland
Contact Email:

Passion hand.

The hand is more than just a gripping tool with which we tie our shoes. The entire development of mankind has proceeded in step with the evolution of the hand. In today’s world, the use of the hand is often associated with activities of strong emotionality.

SGH and SGHR would like to discuss areas from our surgical and therapeutic spectrum that are often associated with great emotion – and also stir up passion in us for our wonderful specialty!

We will discuss the following topics with invited speakers:

Everything revolves around the hand…

… in sports
… in music
… in congenital malformations
… in tetraplegia

We are looking forward to an exciting congress. Presentations will held in German, French and English.