Maureen Hardy - USA - Secretary General

1972 B.S. in Physical Therapy, University of Pennsylvania, USA
1980 M.S. in Physical Therapy, Medical College of Virginia, USA

Certification and Memberships
1972-present, Licensed and Member of American Physical Therapy Association
1991-present, Certified as Hand Therapist, Hand Therapy Certification Commission, USA
1991-present, Member American Society of Hand Therapists
1980-present, Member of American Association for Hand Surgery

Work Experience
During my 40 plus years as a therapist I never saw the same diagnosis twice. Observing and working with outstanding hand surgeons and hand therapists I saw that they had one common trait, they appreciated the uniqueness of each patient. This philosophy was the cornerstone in the development of the first Hand Management Center in Richmond, VA. This facility served as a clinical teaching base for the graduate PT and OT students in the Hand Therapy Masters curriculum developed by Dr. Wyndell Merritt.
In 1988 I was again challenged with developing a Hand Management Center at St. Dominic Hospital, in Jackson, MS. This center has successfully mentored therapists in becoming board certified and welcomed international visitors for specialty training in hand therapy. This model of dedicated staff and resources to provide focused quality hand care, grew to include an Orthopedic, Neurology, Aquatics, Pelvic Health, Lymphedema and Oncology therapy divisions within one Outpatient setting.

Professional Activities
My initial exposure to board service began in the American Association for Hand Surgery in 1988 when elected as Co-Chair of the Hand Therapy Committee. During this tenure we initiated the Posters Presentation at the Annual Meeting, and developed the Vargas International Hand Therapy Teaching Award. This annual award funds a therapist-physician team who travel internationally to exchange knowledge and skills.
In 1991 Evelyn Mackin, Editor of the Journal of Hand Therapy invited me to join the Editorial Review Board, a gift from a great mentor. In 2006 the HAND Journal also invited me to participate as a reviewer, which I have enjoyed.
My 10 years of experience on the American Society of Hand Therapy Board allowed me to appreciate how diverse issues and experiences can shape a profession. As the 2014 ASHT President I recognized the dual responsibility to serve member needs and represent our profession to associated groups.

3 chapters in hand surgery and rehabilitation texts
15 articles in professional journals

I have been honored to lecture and share my passion for hand therapy locally, nationally, and internationally. I am grateful to the patients who shared their stories of recovery with me which gave me deeper insight when combined with academic knowledge.
1978 -1980 Instructor, Department of Surgery, Medical College of Virginia
1985-2000 Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Health Related Professions, University of Mississippi Medical Center

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